Fall Ultimate 2018: D'Arcy McGee 

We will be playing in two tournaments this fall. Costs for tournament play will be determined when the team is set on September 12th.

Junior Indoor Leagues 2018-2019

This league is selective entry and intended for high level junior players. All OJ-CUP (Wicked, Ignite, Scorch, Blaze) players pre-qualify. If you did not play one of these teams and would like to join, please email us. This is a great league for players who are interested in joining a competitive touring team next summer. This league will be convened by Coach Natasha.

OCUA offers 3 indoor Junior League options:

Start/End Date: November to April

Time: All games are from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Game Length: 60 minutes

Format: All junior leagues are coed

More Information:

Possession Offence: