Statement of Education Philosophy

There are acquired skills, a knowledge base, and there are gaps. Educators need to:

  • Help students find and develop their own voice.

  • Mentor the development of their own intellects.

  • Promote creativity and flexibility to adapt to 21st Century constructs.

  • Demonstrate and promote appropriate discourse.

  • Help students establish, and enable them to follow, their own values.

  • Provide the environment, the guidance and the opportunity to acquire necessary skills…engage as Historical Thinkers.

  • Inspire students.

  • Encourage and facilitate the mastery of a field.

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As a Teacher

I have been fortunate enough to work for the last nine years as a high school teacher becoming familiar with the unique challenges of a learning community, and the varying needs of students. I continue to work diligently to promote a growth mindset and foster environments, both in my classroom and in our school, which provide varying experiences to enhance learning. I have also learned about the unique needs of teenage and adult students with learning challenges while working in a modified program, and a high-needs school in Toronto.

As graduate of a masters program in education and digital technology I appreciate the flexibility that technology affords in teaching, in addition to recognizing how it can create empowering identities and allow for necessary critical analytical skill development. Additionally, as a member of our Technology Committee and an ICT Teacher with the WQSB, I appreciate the importance of creating environments that support teachers/students/parents, and one that focuses on increasing technology comfort and capacity.

As a Western Quebec School Board (WQSB) consultant I crafted and delivered a Digital Citizenship program for teachers and students in our primary sector. To meet the unique geographic and budgetary needs of our school board the professional development portion of the program included web-based and face-to-face sessions

In the six years as a member of our school’s governing board I have developed a familiarity with developing our school success plan, which deals directly with our mission and the development of a plan of action to improve student learning, in addition to addressing the varying concerns impacting other members of our learning community.



Professional Development

  • Pedagogy Book Club Member 2019

  • Learning Matters Learning Group 2016-2018

  • CCI Educational Technology Conference 2017-2018

  • CONNECT Conference 2015-2016

  • East Leiden High School Visit 2015

  • LBPSB School Visits 2015

  • Visible Learning Conference Orlando 2014

  • Google Apps for Education Conference Montreal 2014-2015

  • McGill University What Evert Teacher Needs to Know About Using Social Media Workshop 2013

  • Restorative Practice Training 2011

  • Additional Qualification: English 2010

  • Alliance Francaise Intermediate French Training Program 2009

  • Primary/Junior Science Camp Certificate 2009

  • Power to Play 2009

  • Building Futures Certificate 2009

  • Religious Education in Ontario Schools 2009

  • TRIBES Basic Course Certificate 2008


  • Western Quebec School Board ICT Teacher/Digital Citizenship Lead 2019

  • Technology Coordinator 2011-2019

  • Google Apps for Education Coordinator 2014-2019

  • The Reflector & The Sporting News School Newspapers Creator/Editor 2015-2017

  • Ultimate Coach: D’Arcy McGee High School 2014-2019

  • Professional Development Innovation Grant (PDIG) Team Lead: Building Technology Comfort and Capacity: Technical Internship 2017

  • Associate Teacher: Bishop’s University Student Teacher 2016

  • Professional Development Innovation Grant (PDIG) Team Lead: Building Technology Comfort and Capacity 2016

  • Western Quebec School Board Digital Citizenship Consultant 2016

  • Professional Development Innovation Grant (PDIG) Participant: Digital Citizenship Resource Creation 2015

  • Not in My School Pink Toque Campaign 2013-2015

  • Regional Association of West Quebecers Regional Youth Conference Panel Member 2015

  • Advisory Board on English Education (ABEE) Focus Group on Technology 2014

  • PDIG Participant: Digital Citizenship Resource Creation 2014

  • PDIG Participant: Thinking Historically - Developing Intellectual Operations in History and Citizenship Education 2013

  • Burnt Toast Talent Producer Symmes Junior High School 2011-2014

  • Symmes-D’Arcy McGee Governing Board Member 2010-2016

  • UOIT Charity Raffle Benefiting ‘Friends of the Uganda Child Project’ 2009

  • Creator/Coordinator: St. Vincent Palloti’s Kitchen Food Drive 2008


  • The Gatineau Park Half-Marathon 2018

  • Ottawa Fall Colours Half-Marathon 2018

  • Army Race Weekend Commander’s Challenge 2018

  • Ottawa Race Weekend Half-Marathon 2010-2018

  • Army Run Half-Marathon 2014

  • Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2013

  • Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon 2013

  • Minto Run for the Reach 2012

  • Ottawa River Triathlon 2011

  • Bala Falls Triathlon 2008

  • Bala Falls Triathlon 2007

  • Niagara Falls 10km 2007

  • Carleton University Varsity Waterpolo 1997-1999

Supervisor Evaluations