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“Whether it’s taking notes from lectures, note-taking has been shown to improve student learning. In other words, if we want our students to remember more of what they learn in our classes, it’s better to have them take notes than it is to not have them take notes.”

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Cornell Notes Rubric

Flipped Classroom Videos 1840 - Present Day. Please disregard the video numbers in the videos, and use the titles above them.

Unit 1 – The Formation of the Canadian Federal System

Video One: Power Relations & The Rebellions

Video One: Extra Content

Video Two: Responsible Government

Video Three: Lower Canada Migrations

Video Four: Ultramontanism

Videos Five: 1st Phase of Industrialization

Video Six: Timber & Farm Industries

Video Seven: Causes of Confederation

Video Eight: Confederation

Video Nine: Settlement of the Dominion

Videos Ten: The Red River and Northwest Rebellions

Video Eleven: Women's Suffrage & Changes in the Working Class

Unit 2 – Nationalisms and the Autonomy of Canada

Video Twelve: 2nd Phase of Industrialization

Video 13: Nationalisms

Video Fourteen: The MAIN Causes of WWI

Video Fifteen: WWI

Video Sixteen: Women’s Suffrage

Video Seventeen: The 1920s

The Great Depression & The Second World War

The Great Depression

Events of WWII

WWII On the HomeFront

Video Eighteen: World War Two

Video Nineteen: The Baby Boom

Video Twenty: The Cold War

Video Twenty-One: The Quiet Revolution

Video Twenty-Two: The 1960s

Video Twenty-Three: FLQ & The October Crisis

Video Twenty-Four: Quebecois Nationalism & The Constitutional Crisis

Video Twenty-Five: Multiculturalism

Video Twenty-Six: Neoliberalism, Globalization & Afghanistan

Canadians in Afghanistan

Canadians in Afghanistan

Video Twenty-Seven: Indigenous Peoples in Quebec

Socio-Demographic Changes

The Media