All assignments done in class can be downloaded and printed. They are in .pdf format.

Term Three (CLASS NOTES)

  • 1960s Protest/Propaganda Assignment

  • UNIT TEST - WWII to/including Quiet Revolution

    • 404-04: April 8th Period 3.

    • 404-45: April 8th Period 1.

  • Americanism, Secularism, Quebec Nationalism Essay

  • The Quiet Revolution:

  • Duplessis:

    • Part One: T-Chart - Before and After the Quiet Revolution (please only complete the ‘Before’ side, we will complete the ‘After’ during out Quiet Revolution lesson.

    • Part Two: Can you see how a revolution was brewing given the conditions in Quebec between 1945-1960s? Give your thoughts.

    • Part Three: Detail the positives/negatives of the Duplessis era.

    • Part Four: The Duplessis time is often referred to as ‘le grandes noirceur’ (the Great Darkness). Given what you now understand about the Duplessis era, is this a fair name to give his government? Why or why not?

    • Document can be found here.

    • Additional information can be found in your textbook from pages 211-216.

  • Baby Boom: Please answer the following question using the provided documents:

    • “What effects do you think the rise in population had on Canada in the post-war period.”

    • Documents.

  • WWII News Report

  • Mid-Year Timeline Review Assignment

Term One: